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Dr. Ramtin Rasoulinezhad

Director of Hybrid Solutions, AVL MANUFACTURING INC.

Ramtin is a clean tech invention powerhouse – literally!
Remote communities in Canada collectively consume more than 90 million litres of diesel every year for electricity generation. Seeking to reduce that, AVL team created hybridized diesel / natural gas generators that co-exist with renewable energies and / or energy storage systems (e.g. batteries) to reduce this consumption. Developing hybrid power for oil and gas pumps resulted in 50% fuel savings enabled by downsizing the generators by 25%. This industry-first solution also improved the overall power quality by 15+%.
Additionally, Ramtin created a novel hybrid system for net-zero energy buildings to increase the penetration of renewables. And for good measure, he’s developing a novel power conversion system tailored to renewable energies to increase their conversion efficiency above 92% for the entire load range, and to 98% at the rated power. The results say Ramtin himself is indeed, also a powerhouse.