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Dr. Sankar Das Gupta

Co-founder and CEO, Electrovaya Inc

With the projected surge in lithium-ion batteries to power the future and eliminate GHG emissions, Dr. Das Gupta and his team at Electrovaya have developed a lithium-ion battery that has exceptional energy capacity, a prolonged usable lifetime, and safety for high use applications. This battery allows for electrification of high-use vehicles such as forklifts, buses and/or delivery trucks that operate for 12 or more hours per day and are likely to produce 10x the potential GHG emissions reduction in comparison to a passenger vehicle. These batteries may also be used in stationary energy storage to supplement renewable energy technologies such as solar or wind, by storing excess energy generated during peak production hours to be reclaimed while generation is offline. Electrovaya is a key contributor to Canada’s goals for GHG emissions reductions and phasing out of the sale of gas-powered vehicles over the next three decades.