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Eric Beckwitt

Founder and CEO, Freightera

International freight transportation currently generates about 7% of CO2 emissions worldwide. In Canada, freight transport generates 10.5% of total emissions and is the most rapidly growing source of CO2 from the transport sector. Enter Freightera. As the “Expedia of Freight”, the company’s online platform connects shippers and carriers in a way that promotes rail as both the least expensive and lowest emission way to move freight, and highlights US EPA/Natural Resources Canada SmartWay certified carriers as the “greenest”. By promoting carriers that are SmartWay certified or use rail at the top of any list based on price, Eric says that shippers have suddenly discovered ways – even for smaller loads – to dramatically reduce both their costs and their footprint by as much as 60%. Overall, 80%+ of Freightera bookings are now SmartWay or rail. In recent months, up to 22% of lower emission bookings were via CN and CP rail partner carriers alone, with Union Pacific coming online shortly.