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Fabian De La Fuente

Chief Executive Officer, Solaires Entreprises Inc

What if you could print a solar panel – without 1/3rd the CO2E byproducts of silicon? And it was see-through? And you could print it on glass, or window blinds? Solaires is creating the next generation of solar cells – replacing silicon with perovskite and already achieving comparable energy conversion efficiency to traditional panels. Fabian, with his co-founder, Dr. Sahar Sam, started Solaires 1 month bC (before Covid), raised funds, and within a year had a printable “solar ink” that when printed on glass converts solar energy to electricity with the same efficiency as traditional solar panels (20-22%). Numerous innovations from what has now grown from a team of 4 to 22, are expected to lead to ~100 patents, still greater energy conversion efficiency, and a wide variety of product licencing deals.