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Fate Saghir, CPA CMA

SVP, Head of Sustainable Investing, Mackenzie Investments

When creating a new mandate, Mackenzie tasked Fate with driving responsible investing into the core of the company. She responded by leveraging principles of collaboration, authenticity, and differentiation to launch Mackenzie’s Sustainable Investing Centre of Excellence (COE) to develop capabilities and enrich Mackenzie’s technical expertise of environmental, social, governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. She also led the acquisition of Greenchip Financial Corporation, an investment boutique focused on allocating capital to environmental sectors which was completed in December 2020. By March 31, 2021 Mackenzie’s assets in sustainable solutions had surpassed $2.5Billion, up from less than $500Million in March 2020, with now over 5,000 advisors selling the fund and engaging in the energy transition. Fate accompli!