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Galen G. Weston

Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited

Loblaw’s has led the way among food retailers in Canada with an array of efforts that have had measurable impact on the Company’s overall sustainability, from reductions in packaging and introduction of healthier food products to reductions in electricity and fuel used in stores and transportation fleet, along with pilot projects to divert organic waste in Ontario and Quebec. Two of the greatest impacts are in the reduction of plastic shopping bags (73 per cent reduction nationally with 2.5 billion fewer plastic bags used since 2007) and Loblaw’s commitment to source 100 per cent of all the seafood sold in its stores by year-end 2013. In 2010,the number of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified wild-caught seafood products in Loblaw stores increased from 16 to 34—the most of any Canadian grocery retailer. These efforts and others have won the support of many NGOs.

Those involved credit Galen as being the prime driver behind these efforts.