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Geri Yin, MBA

Head, Grid Innovation, Alectra Utilities

Ontario’s energy systems are facing challenges as transportation and building heating are increasingly electrified. Traditional utilities must evolve to alleviate system constraints through grid modernization and effectively managing and harnessing clean, reliable and flexible customer owned distributed energy resources (DERs) at the grid edge, a major driver to a decarbonized grid of future. Geri is the person successfully leading the team pioneering innovative solutions for Alectra, one of Canada’s largest municipally-owned utilities, through a series of pilots projects delivering incredible results.
Geri led the development of a local electricity market pilot, where Alectra served as a Distribution System Operator (DSO) in York Region, achieving ~8MW system peak demand reduction and delivering 366 MWh of energy to the grid through competitively acquiring and dispatching DERs from local communities. She also managed the Power.House Hybrid pilot, enabling the movement towards net-zero energy-emission homes through integration of hybrid electric/thermal technologies; the project achieved up to 40% GHG reduction and ~$2,000 cost savings annually for each participating customer, with energy consumption reduced by ~85MWh.