Lifetime Achievement
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Godo Stoyke, Ph.D.

President, Carbon Busters Inc.

A jack of all trades, Godo has worked tirelessly in the fields of nature conservation and climate protection for over 37 years. He formed the Carbon Busters company where they have provided climate education, energy efficiency management, and carbon footprint reduction services for 370 public, municipal, and school buildings in Canada, US, and Europe, which resulted in a 75.8 million kg reduction in emissions and CAD$26.7 million in utility cost savings. While running Carbon Busters, Godo co-founded C-Returns Inc., a social enterprise non-profit, aimed at providing green retrofits for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. C-Returns has allowed for an additional 6 million kg CO2e reduction in emissions through leading edge energy, cost and carbon life cycle assessment tools developed by Godo, and are currently building new zero carbon homes and a decarbonization app. He has also written books on climate solutions for schools, residences, and cities that have sold over 20,000 copies, and is building net-zero homes in the City of Edmonton’s new net-zero Blatchford community.