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Ibraheem Khan, Ph.D

CEO, Extract Energy

Over 65% of energy produced by humanity is lost as “low-grade waste heat” (LGWH). Dr. Khan seized this inefficiency as an opportunity: Converting lost LGWH heat to electricity has the potential to save millions of tonnes of CO2e emissions each year. Over the past 10 years his idea has evolved into the Extract Energy heat engine which employs smart materials to efficiently convert LGWH to electricity in a range of applications, including primary power and industrial processes. In the past 27 months, the team has taken the pilot design and increased output by 1000x to now being upon the brink of generating MW levels of energy. As it scales further, more applications will be unlocked, enabling a range of industries to drastically decrease their carbon footprint, and also enable the realisation of generating clean electricity from shallow geothermal sources, potentially revolutionising the primary power industry.