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Jason Robinson

CEO, Evoco Ltd.

This will put an eco-bounce in your step! What if the materials used in the products we walk on, sleep in, and drive in, could be made by cutting carbon emissions by up to 70% while maintaining high-performance standards? Jason is doing just that; helping numerous consumer brands de-fossilize their supply chains by providing them with plant-based material solutions, such as FATESTM, its eco-foam.
Starting in footwear with global brand partners such as VANS, FATESTM has been commercialized in the form of insoles and midsoles with enhanced mechanical properties. Their high bio-content (up to 85%) also minimizes the product’s end-of-life impact through advanced detoxifying properties.
The switch from conventional oil-based components to FATES resulted in a reduction of over 1.4 KT CO2E greenhouse gas emissions so far.