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Jennifer Sicilia

VP & GM, RYCOM Corporation

Data Intelligence services such as Analytics and Fault Detection & Diagnostics (AFDD) installed in commercial, retail, and residential buildings are an essential tool to minimize the second largest source of GHG emissions in Canada due to heating and cooling buildings.   Canadian market leader RYCOM, led day-to-day by VP & GM Jennifer, have driven significant savings and impacts by partnering with some of the country’s largest building owners, including the largest – the Federal Government. Looking at just this one client, RYCOM’s service and elite monitoring team has helped the Feds save over 2,500 MWh of electricity and drive over $800,000 in savings in the buildings connected thus far – with many more buildings to go.  Even greater savings might come from the data providing better insight into the buildings’ occupancy versus capacity – and sensors that can provide data on how the spaces are utilized, potentially leading to a reduction in space.  This data will be critical to the Federal government achieving its plan to reduce GHGs by 40% or more by 2030 – and getting to carbon neutral by 2050.