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Joe Mazza, P.Eng, MBA

Vice President, Energy Supply and Resource Development, FortisBC

Under Joe’s leadership, FortisBC’s Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) supply has increased 10x over the past 2 years to more than 10 petajoules (PJ) of annual delivery capacity under active contract. That’s roughly enough energy to meet the annual natural gas needs of approximately 117,000 homes in B.C. With approval for 19 more RNG suppliers, FortisBC expects to drive that number up to 19 PJ per year by 2025, or about 8.5 per cent of its supply. Given the heightened need to reduce greenhouse gases, RNG represents an opportunity to capture methane from decaying organic waste that would otherwise be released in the atmosphere and use it to displace conventional natural gas. Joe has worked with the government to ensure that all new buildings in B.C. will automatically get gas exclusively from renewable sources.