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John Le Boutillier

President & CEO, Unilever Canada

Unilever Canada has long since established itself as an environmental leader, displacing 30,000 tonnes of CO2 with Bullfrog Power since 2011, and eliminating waste to landfill in all its manufacturing facilities. However, Unilever’s largest environmental impact occurs in the consumer use phase of its products.  John has been at the forefront of this challenge and is driving innovation through employee and customer development programs. For example, the Ben & Jerry’s, “Save our Swirled” flavour campaign is designed to engage consumers to take action on climate change issues in the lead up to the Paris Climate talks later this year.  In another initiative, to address the fact that 34% of Canadians do not recycle bathroom products, Unilever promoted use of bathroom recycling bins. John also led an office redesign in 2013, effectively reducing energy consumption by 20% per employee and commuter emissions by 30% on average.