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Jury Gualandris, PhD

Associate Professor and Director, Ivey Business School

Leveraging research and education to catalyze a just transition towards an ecologically resilient future, Jury has multiple leadership roles at Ivey’s Building Sustainable Value Centre (BSV) and its sister organization, the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), driving impactful research, leadership programming and global outreach. BSV has researched 80+ organizations that up-cycle food discards into a variety of diverse product, from cookies made of spent grains and fruits residues, to natural cosmetics, protein powders, nutrient rich compost, and green energy. BSV also developed an innovative system thinking course that helped 19 companies mostly from the Agri-Food sector to develop climate-smart circular solutions, and NBS on average produces a new practitioner article or podcasts every week for the past 2 years, all freely available, spanning 6 themes — climate, circularity, social justice, sustainable innovation, sustainable finance, and sustainable business education — regularly reaching about 40,000 instructors and practitioners every month.