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Karen Schuett

Co-Founder | CEO, Livestock Water Recycling

Livestock manure is a valuable waste product that is also a significant source of GHGs worldwide. Karen has led creation of a disruptive waste-to-worth technology that digitizes and transforms manure into clean water, carbon and nutrient based fertilizers, and biogas feedstock. Her technology is employed on farms around the world with the combined ability to recycle over a BILLION gallons of manure annually. This approach increases farm profits through higher crop yields of 30-50%, and enables increased herd sizes, improved animal health, and better environment for employees. Odors are eliminated, groundwater withdrawals are reduced, freshwater is protected from nutrient runoff, and GHGs are reduced by up to 81.5%! LWR leads the market: Karen expects to help food producers recycle one trillion gallons of manure by 2030!