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Kevin Deagle

Policy Advisor to the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry, Innovation, Science, and Industry

On behalf of the Minister, Kevin led the implementation several climate initiatives, with three standing out. The first was the $2.6B Greener Homes Grant, which will provide 700,000 Canadians with energy efficiency grants to upgrade to better windows, improve insulation, switch to heat pumps, and add rooftop solar. Over its lifetime the program will create 110,000 energy advisor and skilled labourer positions with contractors from coast to coast to coast and the resulting retrofits are expected to cut Canadians GHGs by 1.5 Mt a year for decades afterwards. We project the program will save participants a combined $8 billion in energy costs over the life span of the improvements, and drive $9 billion in economic activity.

Second, the $1.5B Clean Fuels Fund, which supports Canadian production of low carbon fuels, creating jobs and reducing emissions in sectors such as industry and transportation in the near term by setting a reduction target of ~20MT by 2030. Finally, the $964M Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways program increases innovative renewables on the grid, which will help avoid a dash-to-gas as provinces phase out coal.