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Liz O’Connell

President and Co-Founder, Arolytics

The Canadian Federal government’s target for a 75% oil and gas methane reduction by 2030 has signaled the importance and time-sensitive nature of managing the gas that has 30 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (CO2). In line with this objective, Liz and her two co-founders created Arolytics, an emissions forecasting and management software company that enables lower GHG oil and gas production. Since their software launch in 2020, Arolytics has supported some of the country’s largest oil and gas producers in building advanced methane management programs that are providing oil and gas producers with the ability to track and prioritize sites with the greatest opportunities to minimize their methane leaks, and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. To date, over 4,500 North American oil and gas facilities are monitored by Arolytics-designed methane management programs.