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Maike Althaus

Executive Director, Canada Cleantech Alliance / Ontario Cleantech Industry Association (OCTIA)

Compared to other industries, the Canadian cleantech sector has been underrepresented and underfunded at the federal level. Maike has made it her mission to change that by building relationships with key political decision makers, and educating those within the government on the importance of facilitating cleantech investment. She spearheaded Canada Cleantech Week on the Hill, a virtual summit in April of 2021, which enabled discussions between key policy makers, political leaders and Canadian Cleantech trailblazers. The event welcomed over 500 attendees and significantly contributed to three separate tax incentives – the refundable investment tax credit for clean technologies, the extended Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance and the CCUS tax credit – being included in the 2021 and 2022 federal budgets. As Canada starts to pursue the industries and innovative companies of the future, Maike is a critical part of building the environment enabling clean tech companies to thrive – allowing us to keep pace with other nations.