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Mark Thompson, CFA

Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, Nutrien

As the global population continues to grow, how will we maintain food security without destroying the planet? Mark’s solution is to feed the future by transforming agriculture.
Under Mark’s leadership, Nutrien launched its Feeding the Future Plan, driving a series of actions focused on environment and climate leadership to reduce the carbon footprint of fertilizers and agriculture. This saw Mark champion for the launch of Nutrien’s carbon program in 2020, now active across 9 North American pilots covering 200,000 acres, creating a sustainable incentive system growers are already leveraging to increase soil carbon sequestration and reduce on-farm GHG emissions, attracting some of the world’s leading agriculture, food and beverage companies to partner in the effort.
These actions accelerate Nutrien’s demonstrated leadership in actively reducing its carbon footprint, with 167,000 tonnes of previously vented CO2 being captured in 2020 through CCUS initiatives in Canada alone, placing Nutrien among the world’s leading producers of blue ammonia, with approximately 1 million tonnes of low-carbon production now in-market.