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Martin Bureau, Ing., Ph.D.

Vice-President, Innovation & PFAS Lead, ALTRA | SANEXEN

Billions of gallons of drinking water are lost every year due to water main breaks and leaks, and across Canada, water infrastructure is aging faster than it’s being replaced or repaired. Martin led the development of the first generation of ALTRA’s trenchless solution and now also the newly developed ALTRA trenchless technology, which replaces the disruptive dig-and-replace method to deal with old water main pipes, and leaves existing water mains in place, repairing them in precise fashion from the inside. He also led other new innovations ensuring that water is safer to drink as well: technologies hugely effective at removing PFAS in water / soil / landfills; technologies aiming at finding value-add outlets to construction and demolition (C&D) residues via composting, preventing potentially noxious landfilling of C&D fines. The firm employs over 700 Canadians, and has grown revenue by 22% since 2020, topping 330 million in 2022.