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Mitchell Beer

Publisher and Managing Editor, Energy Mix Productions

Knowledge is power: Something that Mitchell has shared with countless Canadians who care about climate action thrice weekly, now over 1,000 times and counting. One of the founding insights behind The Energy Mix publication was that, even in May, 2014, there was far too much climate news circulating for anyone to keep track. By producing incisive original content, then scanning at least 1,200 incoming headlines per week and curating the best of them, the publication is on the “must read” list of every climate advocate in the country, as it helps its grateful readers short-circuit their own daily content search, learn about climate issues and solutions, and spot synergies and connections with other aspects of their work that wouldn’t otherwise come to their attention.
When our governments and large emitters spin climate action one way or another, Mitchell and his team can be counted on to find the information and research needed to hold them to account.
Over the last year, Energy Mix has significantly expanded its team, scaled up its original reporting and analysis, and doubled its subscriber base through a merger with the UK-based Climate News Network, all to help citizens and decision-makers embrace genuine, practical solutions that can deliver fast, measurable emission reductions. And Mitchell was one of the catalysts behind the Green Resilience Project, a series of 33 community conversations on the links between income security, climate resilience, and a just transition off fossil fuels.