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Mollie Johnson

Assistant Deputy Minister, Low Carbon Energy, Government of Canada, Natural Resources

When providing solutions for the climate crisis, it makes sense to tackle the largest target first: Energy.
Given permission to flourish, Mollie created the Low Carbon Energy Sector and leads a 450+ person team that is driving an inclusive energy transformation across every sector of the economy.
With the launch of the strengthened climate plan in 2020, Mollie and her team have launched five programs that will help build a cleaner energy grid for all of Canada. One of the largest projects was the $1.5B Clean Fuels Fund and the Hydrogen Strategy which aims to increase the production and use of low-carbon fuels, including hydrogen and biomass. In addition, the $2.6B Greener Homes Grant can help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades. These programs can actually make a difference – they not only help drive an inclusive energy transformation in Canada – they create jobs and energy savings on a massive scale.