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Nate Erskine-Smith

Parliament of Canada

The youngest MP in Toronto when first elected in 2015, flipping an NDP seat and taking just shy of 50% and winning by over 10,000 votes, Nate then forged a reputation as an independent and thoughtful Liberal MP who advocated for the environment and for animals, doubling his margin of victory in 2019. Nate has introduced or seconded bills that protect animals, strengthen privacy protections, decriminalize drug use, and establish a net zero climate target for 2050, and he also led a motion calling for an emergency debate on climate action. While always digging into the critical issues of the day, pre COVID Nate regularly hosted open sessions in a local theatre, bringing in experts to educate his constituents on critical climate and environmental issues, and then encouraging their action including, for example, a session on microplastics with the Water Brothers followed by a beach clean-up. Since COVID, Nate has continued similar public debates and education through a podcast he hosts and online events.