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Nina Kharey, BSc Eng

Founder/CEO, Folds Wear Inc.

As the pandemic hit, and her awareness of the evils of fast fashion grew, Nina pivoted from clothing Megan Markle to providing health-care workers with sustainable apparel that checks every box – plus a lot of zeros: Antimicrobial properties literally baked in made them safer, sewn from pre-dyed post-consumer recycled plastic nanotech treated fabric that’s naturally stretchy, eliminating Lycra, meant more comfort, and zero microfiber / zero micro-plastics release, plus zero water (traditional scrubs: 1,400 L) needing 23% less energy. And longer lasting. All while forming another big zero: FOLDS are completely circular! End of life FOLDS get shredded, melted and transformed back into yarn and fresh scrubs, thus far keeping 12 thousand yards of fabric out of landfills. Also a few 10s: for style and the comfort from the technical properties that wick moisture away. These may look good in surgery, but trust us – they’re just as good behind a desk or on a ZOOM call! [157]