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Paul Boudreault, MSc

President, Bosk Bioproducts

Finding a solution to the global problem of plastic waste accumulation often seems impossible, but after a decade-long effort, Paul led the BOSK team to develop an innovative technology to create and then manufacture REGENTM – a 100% bio-based and compostable revolutionary bioplastic that fits the bill, offering an ecological and ethical alternative to conventional plastics.

The company’s proprietary technology, “FlexCarbon”, produces biopolymer resin with a low carbon footprint from waste by-products sourced from pulp & paper industry and from plant oil processing Ag businesses. The pellets are an indistinguishable drop-in replacement for the poorly named “virgin plastics” usually used to create food packaging, and compost to nothing within a year – in stark contrast to the “virtually forever” nature of regular food wrap.