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Paul Pede

President/CEO, Carbonix Inc.

Carbonix is an Indigenous Canadian company manufacturing advanced nanomaterials from waste products that can be used to make resource extraction operations more sustainable, as the materials binding to the “bad stuff” in tailing ponds, and other byproducts that result from resource extraction. Under Paul’s leadership, the firm is not only converting industry produced waste into useful products but attempting to reduce GHG emissions at the same time. One example of this would be reducing the volume of organic waste from oil refinery processes, such as naphthenic acids (a VERY large producer of greenhouse gasses when microbially digested), in Albertan waterways. The application of Carbonix’s organics capture products would not only reduce the amount of waterway pollution, but has the potential to lower GHG emissions by >40,000 metric tonnes annually – 7% of Alberta’s total emissions!