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Peter Iliopoulos, CPA

SVP, Taxation, Sustainability and Governmental Affairs, Gildan Activewear Inc.

In the tapestry of textile manufacturing, water remains the most precious thread. Peter, steering the ship’s water conservation efforts, set a target to reduce Gildan’s water intensity by 20% by 2030, and through aggressive mitigation efforts, subsequently proceeded to achieve over 90% of the target by 2022 – with the expectation of getting to 100% well in advance of 2030. Peter followed the three R approach: investing in optimization projects to reduce water, treat and recycle used water back into the environment, and reuse treated water to irrigate green space surrounding Gildan’s operations. Peter’s sustainability vision weaves deeper throughout Gildan’s operations—making headway on two new targets: create zero manufacturing waste by 2027 and achieve 75% recycled or sustainable packaging and trims material by 2027.