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Sabina Russell. P. Eng.

Principal & Co-Founder, Zen and the Art of Clean Energy Solutions Inc.

Is the scale up of hydrogen (H2) essential for the world to tackle climate change? As an advocate for the role of H2 in decarbonizing energy systems, Sabina has been a leader in North America’s H2 sector for the past 24 years. And she knows this: H2 is an energy source that can be stored indefinitely, emits only water when used in a fuel cell or burned, and can be made without releasing CO2. Any country serious about getting to net-zero emissions needs a robust H2 strategy. This is where Sabina comes in.
She played a critical role helping NRCan develop the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada and led Zen’s work on regional H2 studies and policy development in six provinces. Sabina and the Zen team have helped clients access over $120 million in funding for H2 projects, while managing eight major H2 deployments. Driving cH2ange.