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Samuel Bruneau

CEO and Co-Founder, Taiga Motors Inc.

If your trip to a nearby lake has been disrupted by the incredibly annoying whine of a Seadoo burning fossil fuels, you’re far from alone! Enter Samuel and Taiga – revolutionizing the powersports industry with fully electric snowmobiles and personal watercraft, displacing existing powersport vehicles that have a grossly disproportionate impact on the environment, nature – and all who hear them. Each Taiga vehicle delivered has an impact equivalent to removing 40 cars off the road, and with over 500 Taiga vehicles now in operation, Taiga has already had a substantial impact. Currently ramping up its production and expecting to sell thousands of its vehicles to customers across the globe, Taiga utilizes its proprietary electric propulsion system to make powersports environmentally friendly and is trailblazing ahead with its clean EV tech to ensure our nature remains pristine. And blissfully quiet.