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Shannon Miedema

Director, Environment & Climate Change, Halifax Regional Municipality

When Halifax named its climate action plan “HalifACT” they weren’t kidding! A team led by Shannon, with the Mayor’s support, has created and steered through council a comprehensive, well thought out, and fully funded response designed to meet the climate emergency moment: A seven pillar plan to get the municipality itself to net-zero and the rest of the city down by 75% by 2030, and the whole city to net-zero by 2050. Critical focus areas include: 1) Retrofit and renewable energy programming; 2) Retrofitting municipal buildings to be net-zero ready and climate resilient; 3) Electrification of transportation 4) Net-zero standards for new buildings; 5) Framework for assessing and protecting critical infrastructure; 6) Capacity building for climate adaptation and, critically; 7) Financing strategy to operationalize the HalifACT plan over 30 years. HalifACT was unanimously adopted by the Halifax Regional Council on June 23rd, 2020.