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Shivani Chotalia, P.Eng

Director, Development & Partnerships, NRStor Incorporated

Shivani is leading the development of 750MW+ of energy storage projects across Canada and has championed NRStor’s “partnerships-first” approach. One example: The 250MW / 1000MWh Oneida Project has implemented a 50/50 partnership between NRStor and local Indigenous partner, SNGRDC, offering the provincial grid the ability to match supply with demand, and provide up to 4 hours of energy which is expected to drop Ontario’s emissions by 4.1 million tonnes by replacing the natural gas that would otherwise be used to do the same. This approach is helping achieve more resilient developments and widespread community benefits. Her work also supported the launch of Canada’s first commercial flywheel project, which stores 2MW of electricity. Partnering with First Nations, Shivani’s and NRStor’s efforts are helping to demonstrate how communities can use clean energy infrastructure as a tool for economic empowerment.