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Steve Beauchesne

CEO and Co-founder, Beau’s Brewing Co.

Who said green beer was only for St. Paddy’s Day? At six million litres of beer annually, Beau’s is Canada’s largest organic craft brewery – and also the first Canadian brewery to choose 100% green natural gas and 100% green electricity with Bullfrog Power. Steve, who is the Chief Executive Taster at Beau’s, was able to reduce Beau’s CO2 emissions footprint by more than 450 tonnes in the first year with green energy. In 2016, Beau’s expanded its commitment to reducing its environmental impact by choosing green fuel for two of its distribution trucks, making it the only brewery in Canada to commit to a three-scope solution with Bullfrog Power. Since 2014, Beau’s has reduced its CO2 emissions footprint by more than 2,100 tonnes of CO2.