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Sumreen Rattan

Co-founder and COO, Moment Energy

Do you suffer from range-anxiety? Today there are 6 million electric cars on the road, but by 2030, that number will increase to 125 million. And all will eventually fall victim to this new malaise. Over time, batteries lose their ability to fully charge and discharge, and once they get to 85% of their original capacity, owners’ range-anxiety gets steadily worse. Thankfully, Sumreen has learned how to treat the symptom and make it into a cause. She’s establishing a circular economy hub by upcycling retired EV batteries into energy storage systems that provides clean, reliable and affordable power in remote and indigenous communities within Canada for years after they retire as EV batteries – and before they need to be recycled. To date, Sumreen has piloted this project in three communities, repurposing batteries and displacing generators. Sumreen is also setting industry norms by partnering with four renowned automakers, ensuring EV batteries are no longer sent for recycling prematurely. Thus, Sumreen is making one industry’s problems another community solution.