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Bruce Taylor, P.Eng

President, Enviro-Stewards

1000 tonnes of food is a lot of food! Bruce and his team Identified practical opportunities for clients to save $17 million per year, all fully recovering their entire investments in less than 12 months, while also saving 15 million m3 of gas, 23 million kwh of electricity, 3 million m3 of water and avoiding 38,000 tonnes/yr of GHG emissions. Enviro-Stewards helped Campbell’s Soup reduce energy and water consumption by more than a million dollars and avoid the loss of 1,000 tonnes of food per annum, saving a further $706,000/ year. Other projects reduced energy consumption by Southbrook’s LEED gold winery by a further 40 percent, and substantially contributed to Maple Leaf Food’s progress towards meeting their corporate commitments to reduce energy, water and waste by 50% by 2025.