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Tori Waugh

Principal Consultant, Conservation Ag Consulting

Let’s face it. Agriculture’s is literally and figuratively dirty. In 2019 agriculture emitted 72.7 MT of CO2e in Canada. But one of the most effective ways to cut emissions from agriculture is to innovate with new practices and sequester more carbon by rebuilding organic matter in our soils. The expression “older than dirt” is clearly outdated – dirt is suddenly the new black, and dirt science is where Tori cleans up. Her consulting firm creates and delivers essential soil innovation programs for six Ontario ENGOs, a variety of conservation authorities, connects 600 members of the Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario and the Ontario Soil Network and has influenced an estimated 2,500 agricultural businesses in the way that they treat soil and soil health across some 180,000 acres. Tori digs deep, helping create the right incentives, creating soil conferences that attract 600 farmers, and leverages radio shows called “Talk Dirty to Me” to spread her message, but mostly creates solutions farmers can use by helping farmers share their wisdom with other farmers through her network.