Pure Energies – Ontario’s first “free solar panels” offering for home owners (see NOTE)

Project Leads: Zbigniew Barwicz, Bernie Li, Chris Stern, Ryan McCalley

PLEASE NOTE: Pure Energies was acquired in 2014 by NRG and neither Delta Management nor the Clean50 have anything to do with either company, beyond having recognized Pure with an award (read more)

PURE Energies has developed a no-cost solar program to make going solar for homeowners in Ontario easy. By removing the financial barrier associated with going solar, PURE Energies has enabled more homeowners to generate clean energy from their roof, and become active participants in the Green Energy Act.

Their story is below…


PURE Energies was the first company in Ontario to introduce a no-cost solar program, removing the financial burden of going solar. Homeowners interested in going solar, with roofs that are solar feasible, are able to apply online for a no-cost solar system. PURE Energies installs the solar panels and takes care of all up-keep to the panels for 20 years.

PURE Energies solar panel installation in Southern Ontario

PURE Energies solar panel installation in Southern Ontario

THE SUPPORT:  PURE Energies gained support from the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, one of the major organizations to show faith in the no-cost solar project and help to get it off the ground. PURE Energies is proud to support the David Suzuki Foundation’s work in finding solutions for living within the limits of nature.

THE HURDLE: PURE Energies’ success stemmed from their dedication to educating homeowners on the benefits of adopting solar for their home. By educating homeowners, they are able change commonly held beliefs about energy production, and disrupt the way homeowners think about renewable energy.


Since 2009, PURE Energies has helped 1,000 Ontario homeowners go solar.

That is equal to:

  • Offsetting 9,375,000 pounds of carbon annually
  • Taking 1,000 cars off the road
  • Planting 3,000 trees to offset carbon
  • Powering 790 homes for the duration of one year
  • Powering 59,900 light bulbs per year.
Installation by PURE Energies on a southern Ontario home

Installation by PURE Energies on a southern Ontario home



PURE Energies hopes to allow even more Ontarians generate clean energy from their homes. Since their early days, they have expanded to the United States, where they are also helping American homeowners break the barriers to going solar. PURE Energies has maintained their commitment to being the trusted solar advisor, dedicated to educating homeowners on the benefits of solar.

“To be able to look back on the past five years, and see how far we have come is a great feeling. We set out with a goal to make solar energy more accessible to homeowners in Ontario, and I am proud to say that we have achieved just that.”
– Bernie Li- Co-Founder PURE Energies

Click here to learn more about the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmI2BjOO9gg

Learn more about PURE Energies… www.pureenergies.com