ATB Financial – Financial Legacy Fund – unique funding structure for Ducks Unlimited

This 10 year program was created with a $5 million dollar loan from ATB, paired with a yearly donation that will cover the interest.  DUC will use these funds to support a Revolving Land Purchasing Program to purchase and restore thousands of acres of wetlands.  Once the land is purchased, wetlands are restored and the land is sold back to farmers and ranchers with a conservation agreement set in place. This great sustainability cause then works in a cycle since the funds from selling back the land will be used to purchase more land for wetland restoration and conservation.  In just the first year, Ducks Unlimited has already been able to restore and conserve 1,200 acres – a very promising start.

Ducks Unlimited Photo

ATB & Ducks Unlimited   pintail-hens-DUC

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