City of Vancouver: Renewable City Strategy – A Plan for 100% Renewable Energy

The world economy is changing, the climate is changing and our energy systems are changing. Cities are driving those changes and leading the response to them. For the first time at COP21 the United Nations formally recognized the importance of cities in tackling climate change. The adoption of the Renewable City Strategy ahead of COP21 set that stage, and put Vancouver on a path to derive all its energy from renewable sources before 2050. In the vanguard of world cities, Vancouver is ensuring economic strength through diversity, while building a livable community for its residents and businesses. The plan which saw 55 policy actions developed, more than 80 local and international experts engaged and over 13,000 members of the public reached, sets the stage for the next 35 years where the city will welcome 175,000 more people, reduce energy use by 21 million GJ and eliminate the use of fossil fuels.