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ThisFish: Discover the story of your seafood

Learn all about the seafood you eat, and connect to the fish Harvester who caught it, by tracing its journey from the ocean to your plate.

Fishing is an ancient pursuit, steeped in legend and lore the world over. Yet nowadays most of us are disconnected from our seafood. ThisFish, however, brings you closer to your seafood by tracing its journey back to its origins: who caught it, when, where and how.

ThisFish is committed to helping you make more informed choices about the authenticity, quality and sustainability of the seafood you eat, while promoting the folks who proudly stand behind their catch. We want to make the seafood business more transparent and reward those who responsibly harvest and handle your catch. We believe there shouldn’t be anything fishy about eating seafood.

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Our thinking is simple: we want to create the world’s most trusted seafood traceability system that empowers consumers and rewards producers.

An initiative of Ecotrust Canada and fishing industry partners, ThisFish is growing a community of like-minded folk dedicated to sustaining the rich traditions and culinary delights of the sea. The three pillars of our approach are to:

  • ensure an authentic, meaningful experience to consumers hungry for trusted information on the authenticity, quality and sustainability of their seafood;
  • provide real-time market intelligence and branding advantages for every business in the seafood supply chain from fishermen to fishmongers; and
  • Create an easy-to-use and low-cost traceability system that is accessible to small operators and rural fishermen

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In developing our traceability system, ThisFish is committed to the following design principles:

  • Create a voluntary, consumer-focused system
  • Satisfy consumer demand
  • Ensure cost effectiveness
  • Provide real value to fish harvesters and seafood businesses
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Promote sustainable fisheries
  • Distribute costs and benefits fairly throughout supply chain; and
  • Promote collaboration and transparency in the supply chain

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