GCT Canada : Decreasing emissions via innovative truck processing

Literally half – yes half – of the imports that Ontario and Québec consume flows from ships arriving through the Port of Vancouver and GCT Canada terminals. Loaded to trucks and trains bound for warehouses, manufacturers, and stores, some 2,000 trucks are serviced each day.

Faced with increased demand from growing trade as well as increased congestion and idling, GCT Canada worked with industry stakeholders to achieve triple bottom line impacts. Communities and truckers are better off. The environment wins. Business can grow sustainably. GCT Canada has proved that you can decouple growth from emissions.  With a sizeable investment in process and encouraging “off peak usage”, the company created a new industry standard. The result is an average “truck turnaround” of 31 minutes – the fastest in North America. Last year, company volume increased 13%, while carbon emissions decreased 5%. This is equivalent to a 20% reduction in emissions per transaction. 377 jobs were created, truck operators saved over 2 million in fuel costs, 1,000 trucks taken off the roads during peak hours, and 11,700 kg of air pollutants and 4,100 tonnes of carbon were eliminated.