IMPACT! The Co-operators Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership



Winner of the 2015 Clean50 Honourees’ Choice for Top Project

IMPACT! The Co-operators Youth Program for Sustainability Leadership catalyzes youth to be real and effective agents for change in their communities through:

  1. National Conferences that inspire and network youth
  2. Regional Workshops and Mentoring that build their skills and capacity
  3. Funding that supports them making real change on the ground

Read on if you will, but this video sums up IMPACT! beyond words.

IMPACT!’s Impact on Youth

We evaluate the students before and after they participate in IMPACT! Our proudest accomplishment: after IMPACT!, 96% of students felt confident as sustainability champions (up from just 62% beforehand).

In a student’s words: “This conference was life-changing. The tools, information and most important passion that I acquired made me realize that my goals and dreams are possible.”

Students’ Impact on Communities

In the last year, student projects funded by The Co-operators Foundation – IMPACT! Fund engaged more than 2,000 volunteers, reaching nearly 145,000 people at over 60 in-person events and through traditional and social media. This snapshot is just the tip of an iceberg that will only grow with time.

A Unique Model of Collaboration

IMPACT! is a cutting-edge example of corporate-community integration involving 9 partners, including co-operatives, non-profits, and educational institutions. The Co-operators provides the bulk of the financial support, in addition to hundreds of hours of staff volunteer time.

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