Kiko Water Systems & Four Seasons, Vancouver: HVAC Efficiency Improvements

The Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver is always looking to find new and creative ways to reduce costs and lower energy consumption and carbon emissions. As an operating 5 star hotel, any energy reduction measures undertaken would have to achieve significant results while keeping costs and guest disruptions to a minimum. Previous sustainability measures that were presented to the Hotel required large capital expenditures and long payback periods.

Fortunately, the Hotel kept looking, and discovered Kiko!  Kiko’s revolutionary nanotechnology actually improves the efficiency at which boilers and chillers operate, by lowering the specific heat and surface tension of the water.  Readily installed without disruption, the project resulted in a number of remarkable results in the first 27 months of operation: 19% Overall HVAC Energy Savings, 6,090,943 Lbs. of Steam Saved, 622,193 kWh of electricity saved and 376 Tons of GHG’s saved.  And the Hotel saved $157,000 net, without any upfront costs!   Other benefits are that the system response time is significantly improved, allowing the HVAC to respond to guest demands much more rapidly, and the demands on the equipment significantly less, reducing wear, maintenance and extending lifespan. Needless to say, Four Seasons is now deploying the technology elsewhere in the chain!