Learning for a Sustainable Future: Educational Resources Database for Teachers

Educational materials to help young Canadians actively explore sustainability issues and actions are plentiful – too plentiful in fact.  There is so much to choose from, but too much to use effectively. Many valuable resources lie dormant as a result.

LSF set out to select and identify the best of these resources and making them available in one comprehensive clearinghouse. The Resources for Rethinking (RFR) R4R.ca online resource database provides “one stop shopping” for teachers to deliver more effective and engaging nature-based education, community leadership, and global citizenship programs. Beyond that, R4R matched specific resources to curricula across all provinces and grade levels, allowing teachers to easily choose from the both the best and best matched materials.  The results? 55,000 teachers visited the R4R.ca website in 2014 – 74,000 in 2015, and 4359 teachers took part in workshops.  In all over 150 school boards across Canada use LSF programs and 6,000 educators receive the monthly newsletter.