Minto Communities: Minto’s Path to Zero Energy

Minto continues to build on its rich history of innovation in new home and community design with five Net Zero Energy Homes (NZEH) currently underway in its Arcadia community in Ottawa, Ontario. With an ultimate goal of Net Zero Energy Homes as the norm, not the exception, Minto is well down the path of bringing better, higher performing homes to more and more people.

Minto Communities Pic1

This project builds on previous initiatives Minto has undertaken to push the industry towards NZEH such as Minto’s Innova House built in 1992 and Minto’s Inspiration built in 2008. The technologies tested in these previous projects are now becoming common place if not part of the local building code showing how influential demonstration projects can be. This project achieved a 60% reduction in uplift costs compared with previous generations of NZEH. This reduction in uplift cost ensures the homes will be accessible to a larger portion of the market.

Net Zero Energy Homes in Canada have been stuck in a research and development phase and limited to one-off pilots or costly custom homes. This project pushes to achieve wide acceptance within the industry and deliver exceptional performance and value to homeowners.

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