Ontario Power Generation & The Moose Cree First Nation: Lower Mattagami Hydro Project

The Lower Mattagami Project was identified as a great opportunity to add 438 MW of clean, renewable energy for Ontario.   But first up: the need to forge a partnership and redress past grievances with the Moose Cree First Nation.

The resulting Amisk-oo-skow agreement provided the Moose Cree with a 25 per cent share in the $2.6 billion project.  During construction the First Nation benefited from $300 million in contracts awarded  to Moose Cree connected companies. Finishing on budget and ahead of schedule, at its peak, construction provided meaningful employment for 250 First Nations and Metis workers.  The former Chief reported those workers are now able to take that experience to other infrastructure projects.   Beyond that, the project found ways to subsequently double the output, without damming more rivers, and will displace about 1.5 Million Tonnes of GhG annually.