SanEcoTec Ltd. – AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution Pilot Project

SanEco Tec

Winner of the 2015 People’s Choice for Top Project

If the movie script were written the way Hollywood likes, it would go like this…


  • Water Treatment is a fact of life
  • Chlorination has been a safeguard since the late 19th century

Killaloe picture 3Killaloe photo 2

  • Chlorine, when in contact with organics, has been seen to create by-products that persist in the environment
  • Many of these ‘disinfection by-products’ – called DBPs – are so unhealthy as to be categorized as cancer risks and are now regulated to ensure public safety


  • A tiny town with a proud water heritage, but high DBPs
  • A BIG water problem…one that adding more chlorine to the mix couldn’t fix


  • A long history of Hydrogen Peroxide as an effective germicide
  • A new Company in Canada that pioneered its use in unique ways                                                                        

 Introducing the ‘heroes’ of the Story: SanEcoTec and the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution.


  • City Council looked at the presentation carefully
  • The AVIVE™ Healthy Water solution made sense
  • The water is terrific
  • The townspeople are delighted
  • Indicators show it costs less!


  • The science and sustainability outcomes exceeded all objectives
  • The possibilities for the future are promising…

Killaloe picture 6killaloe picture 4


  • Even the experts agree this could have historic consequences

                                  “Our water looks better, tastes better; my clothes are cleaner; even the coffee tastes like it should!”

The Story of Killaloe doesn’t stop with the movie script. 

Where critical DBP levels were reduced 75%, there’s another ‘happy ending’ with respect to the sustainability of the intervention:

  • Volume of water used and related chemical use was reduced by 25% vs. previous year
  • Hydro costs were reduced 8% vs. the trailing three year average, during a period when hydro rates increased 45%
  • Optimized operation of water treatment plant

The Story of Killaloe is that there is a viable alternative to chlorine that keeps water safe, reduces potentially harmful DBPS, tastes great from the tap – and costs less than what was being used before.

In May 2014, the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (‘CAWT’) and Fleming College released its Report on the Killaloe Pilot, which started in November 2012.  In summary:

The results show several potential benefits of using the AVIVE™ Water Treatment Solution in a water treatment process.

Benefits were seen in terms of:

  • Reducing concentrations of potentially harmful chlorine disinfection by-products,
  • Improvements in water esthetics,
  • Suppression of microbial activity,
  • And the ability of the AVIVE™ treatment to remain a stable and active disinfectant under conditions similar to those found in hot water heaters.

Critical acclaim indeed.  And it tastes great!

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