Cadillac Fairview: TD Centre – Largest office complex to achieve LEED® Platinum

If the Toronto Dominion Centre was a city, with 21,000 permanent residents and 50,000 visitors each day, it would be a large one! Six skyscrapers spread over 6 acres. And no one in Canada has ever pursued a six building LEED® Platinum certification before, so there were challenges.    

There is no doubt about the results. The project has cut energy use by 30%, generating savings of $5 million, cut water use by 40% each year and raised the waste diversion rate to 81%. In all, reducing carbon emissions by 28% – 7,500 tonnes of carbon.

The remarkable results came from the Innovation Team collaborating with property management, experts and suppliers to push the boundaries in all aspects of sustainability. Its daytime green cleaning is also now standard.

Most importantly, TD Centre engaged tenants through sub-metering each floor, green committees, reporting on air quality, bike parking and repair clinics. The project has made one of Toronto’s most iconic developments as attractive environmentally as it looks on the surface. Mies van der Rohe would be proud!