TELUS Rimouski Internet Data Centre

In 2011 TELUS embarked on a journey to build two world-class internet data centres (IDC) that would support best-in-class integrated cloud and managed IT solutions for their customers. Over 80% more energy-efficient than traditional data centres, the new $65 million facility in Rimouski, Quebec boasts maximum reliability and security, and is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly purpose-built data centres of its kind in North America.

Their story is below…

Putting customers first

As the only company in Canada with two Tier III facilities built to the highest standards in reliability, security and performance, our customers can harness the power of next generation cloud computing and unified communication solutions. Among our proudest accomplishments is the innovative approach in which teams collaborated to bring the vision to life. Teams across TELUS came together with the industry’s best external partners to collaborate and drive innovation into every aspect of the architecture, design, build and operations.

Green is good

Our teams challenged themselves to develop innovative solutions and new processes that would change the game for TELUS and our customers. Designed around an advanced foundation of security, privacy and sustainability, this data centre facility is technologically exceptional in many ways.

  • Natural cooling: The facility uses natural cooling from outside air and only requires 40 hours per year of cooling via mechanical systems. This innovative approach was implemented through collaboration between TELUS and a partner specializing in energy management systems and has been so successful that TELUS is looking to deliver dramatic cooling system improvements in eight of our other data centres.