Oxford Properties & ZeroFootprint: Tenant Engagement

The Problem

Energy reduction on a massive scale is not achievable without engaging the people who use it. Oxford, as part of its sustainability program, wishes to engage the 1,000,000 people pass through Oxford lobbies each and every day. Zerofootprint and Oxford have partnered to achieve this goal.

Traditional energy management in commercial buildings has focused on infrastructure. This involves optimizing operational and technological systems. Behaviour is usually the one aspect that gets little attention. This project focused on behaviour.

Using Zerofootprint’s Velo™. Oxford gives tenants timely feedback about their actual energy consumption via digital displays at strategic points throughout the building. Tenants receive feedback about their energy consumption, and floor-based comparisons. The screens give suggestions that may be taken to make smarter decisions about energy usage. The content is updated regularly.


Typical energy dashboards are data-intense and complex with a collection of gauges/dials giving the observer a large variety of metrics.  Conversely, Zerofootprint’s visuals are specifically designed to be simple and compelling.  The ZFP Gauge illustrates real-time electrical consumption for the entire building.  Together, the graphics and coloured zones provide occupants with the context for energy information they are viewing.  The coloured zones compare electricity usage to past performance as follows:

  • Green     =       Using less energy than usual.
  • Yellow    =        Using an average amount of energy.
  • Red         =       Using more energy than usual.


The VELOTM Platform, the software behind the Gauge, also has the ability to gamify. Shown here Leaderboard of the top performing floors.  Administrators can select a metric, such as percentage weekly energy reduction, and display a floor-by-floor comparison. Competitions, such as for the best performing floor of the week, keeps tenants engaged on an ongoing basis.

Survey Feedback:  It works!

The lobby screen provides information that you have not seen in other buildings.


This feedback confirms what we also know – that our lobby screens are unique.  It aligns with the following key messages – “Oxford is a sustainability leader”, and “Oxford is different than other landlords”.



The information on the screens helps you understand how you can reduce energy.


This is one of the core messages from the screens.  This feedback tells us that people are noticing the gentle ‘nudges’ and tips we are providing.



Oxford cares about reducing energy use in the building.

This response reinforces our desired branding and reputation outcomes from the project “Oxford is a sustainability leader” and “Oxford is focused on energy performance”.