Quadreal sponsors the new Net-Zero Action Award

By: Jamie Gray-Donald, Senior Vice-President Sustainability & EHS, Operational Excellence, Quadreal Property Group, and member, 2016 Canada's Clean50

The Quadreal Clean50 Net-Zero Action Award

We know we need to get to Net-Zero by 2050. This requires both deep planning and action now. It is not about buying offsets, it is about using energy more efficiently, burning fewer fossil fuels, creating circular material cycles, procuring low-carbon electricity, minimizing waste to landfills, and enabling electric mobility solutions. As the transition progresses, additional decarbonization strategies will emerge that we have not yet even thought about.

Net-Zero is the balance between the amount of carbon emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. For us to achieve this objective, our approach to sustainability requires a paradigm shift…

We are moving beyond Corporate Social Responsibility in which a lot of effort is placed on reporting good news stories of incremental change. We need systemic change. We need bold leaders publicly on the outside and within organizations. Leaders who find ways to get their organizations to YES; for net-zero, for aggressive interim targets, to tying executive compensation to near-term targets, to investing in innovations required for deep decarbonization. Leaders who are values driven, who are willing to take big risks, who go where the science and their passion take them, who are willing to engage incrementalists and move them into this new narrative on systems change.

To qualify for the Quadreal Clean50 NetZero Action Award, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

  1. If your organization has set a net-zero goal, state the long-term goal succinctly and your role in getting it approved:
  2. What interim targets (2025 or earlier, can be qualitative or quantitative goals) have been set and your role in achieving them:
  3. What progress have you made towards the interim targets and what learnings can you share?

If you are moving your organization to net-zero and implementing carbon reduction projects now and over the next few years we want to hear from you. If you know peers who are doing this work, please nominate them for a Clean50 award – whether as an individual or as a Top Project.

Quadreal is pleased to be partnering with the Clean50 to highlight progress in this area.